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Need Help?

Jesus Is The Answer!

Society says “once an addict, always an addict”, but Jesus says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Women’s Home

The Women’s Home was built in 1999 in response to God’s leading and the recognition of an increased need in the community. Built from the ground up by History Maker Homes, the purpose of the women’s home is to help free women from the bondages of drug addiction, prostitution, violence, crime, domestic abuse and other dysfunctional backgrounds. By dealing with the spiritual character and maturity, we aim to produce godly women who have allowed the healing of past wounds to awaken a new hope and attitude towards life, having been restored to their proper role in the home and family.

Anna Salomon


Since its inception, Anna Salomon has served the Women’s Home as its director. Being raised in the ministry in San Antonio, and with a God-given mother’s heart, she has been a spiritual mother to hundreds of men and women.

In addition to teaching and discipling women to become productive wives and mothers, she also manages the fundraising and many fiscal duties of the ministry.


“First of all, I want to give Jesus Christ all the honor and glory, because at one time, I had no purpose in my life. I was hooked on drugs and actively involved in a gang, seeking after love, peace and joy that I could never find. I had an emptiness, a void in my heart…I was dissatisfied with life and I had nowhere else to run to. I came into the Women’s Home, and after crying out to God, I surrendered myself to Him. Immediately, He began a spiritual heart surgery on me, replacing my craving for drugs with hunger for His Word and an intimate relationship with Him.”

Edith Zempoalteca