We’re Here To Help You

The Men’s Home and the Women’s Home both offer a free six-month recovery program for the substance abuser who has a desire to change. The Victory Home provides an opportunity to establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the Biblical principles of love, authority, supervision, and discipline. In a family atmosphere, a new sense of identity, security, responsibility, and unconditional acceptance is cultivated, while a person’s character begins to change.

Inspiring them to achieve against the odds, the Home fights the common myth, “Once an addict, always an addict.” Through the services provided, the down-and-out rejects of society turn into productive members that are able accomplish extraordinary things to improve their lives while helping others at the same time. While many of the residents come from dysfunctional backgrounds, the ministry aims to heal past wounds, reverse years of neglect, restore the proper role in the family, and nurture a man or woman spiritually and into maturity of character. Our ministry accepts its commission to “go ye” with great conviction; reaching out and dealing with society and inner cities’ most pressing people problems, evangelism becomes a lifestyle.