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Society says “once an addict, always an addict”, but Jesus says “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

Anna Salomon

Since its inception, Anna Salomon has served the Women’s Home as its director. Being raised in the ministry in San Antonio, and with a God-given mother’s heart, she has been a spiritual mother to hundreds of men and women. In addition to teaching and discipling women to become productive wives and mothers, she also manages the fundraising and many fiscal duties of the ministry.

Coming to the Lord at the age of 11, Anna Salomon was raised in the church. From an early age, she learned to obey her call to ministry through serving. Nonetheless, she was not prepared for what the Lord had in store – she never expected to marry an ex-drug addict or someone that had been married before; she didn’t want to be in full-time ministry nor did she want to be a pastor’s wife. After a season of brokenness, she moved with her husband, Gerald Salomon and their two young children to start a ministry to help drug addicts from the ground up with a pick-up truck and $200. God’s favor and hand continued to be on the ministry which grew from a two-story Men’s Home to a multi-facility ministry that now included a Women’s Home and a Church. 22 years have passed;

Anna has been blessed with 2 more children and 2 grandchildren. Gerald left to be with the Lord in 2010, yet his legacy still lives on, with thousands of men and women experiencing transformation through the power of Jesus Christ. Today, Anna still runs the Women’s Home full time, as well as the Children’s Ministry at the Church, pressing forward to fulfill the calling God has for her and her family. With a willing and open heart, she continues to experience the faithfulness of God in her life and His anointing upon the ministry.